Utah Mother Strangled Her Six Newborns to Death

She put them in boxes after killing them and tossed them out of a window.

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Megan Huntsman killed her six newborn babies in Utah. Source: BBC

Megan Huntsman, a mother of nine children, was reported to have murdered six of her newborns right after giving birth to them in Utah. Megan’s case suggested that she was struggling with deteriorating mental health and severe drug abuse, which is identified as the prime reason behind her heinous crime.

The Police later arrested the depressed mother in 2014 after her estranged husband discovered a dead newborn baby inside a box in his former home’s garage. It didn’t take a lot of time for Megan to open up to the Police and confess her sinful crime.

She was charged with six counts of murders that could lead her to rot in jail for the following years of her life. Megan Huntsman’s case got humungous attention from around the town the following year, becoming a hot gossip for newspapers.

Teen Pregnancy and a Rocky Marriage Left Megan in a Wreck

Megan with her three alive daughters and husband, Darren West. Source: Bugged Space

Megan Huntsman was in high school when she fell in love with Darren West. She was only eighteen when she got pregnant with her first child with Darren West. According to Joyce Huntsman, Megan’s father, she had always been a shy and secretive type of girl who restrained from sharing her personal life with anyone for help. Megan had no option left but to marry Darren.

She then moved in with Darren to Pleasant Grove, Utah, USA. In the coming years, Megan gave birth to two more children and lived a normal family life until she started having problems in her marriage. Darren was involved in drug trafficking and consumption of drugs, turning his family life into a wreck.

Megan’s Depressing Journey of Becoming a Meth Head and Alcoholic

Megan was left clueless about whom to ask for help when she felt utterly helpless. Soon Megan too turned to Methamphetamines to find solace. Megan and Darren were now abusing drugs together, turning Megan into a meth head.



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