Three Cold String Murder Cases with Little Details known to the Public

Accident, murder, or dispute?

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It is not easy to serve justice to the victims when it comes to murder cases. The murderers make sure to keep their paths clear, and the insufficient shreds of evidence often lead the authorities to a dead end. Even when the killer is caught, there are some ambiguities left which are not filled till the end.

1. The Motorcyclist Slaying

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In 2007, a beautiful day for motorcycle racing, a group of friends decided to have a trip to the Apennine Mountains in Modena, Italy.

One of the members was Marco Badiali, a 48 years old electrical engineer and father of two sons. The group belonged to the Branco Lupi motorcycle club. The land the motorcyclists were using belonged to the area’s local farmers.

Marco was extremely pleasant to the owners of the land and often distributed gifts among their children on special occasions. It was his act of showing gratitude to the owners, the farmer, for letting him and his friends use their land whenever they wanted to.

Everything was well until this one sad day.

As the group of friends witnessed the scene, Marco started to race his bike at 60 meters per hour. As he went a little ahead, something horrible was encountered by everyone present in the situation.

The racing bike came to a stop by falling while Marco was practically beheaded and severely bleeding. He almost immediately died of the bleeding and the deep cut to his throat. In a fit of frenzy, the group ran towards him but couldn’t understand what had happened and reported the incident to the police.

The police inspected the area where Marco was riding his bike and found barbed wire lined beyond the ridge on the path, around 5 feet from the ground. The wire was said to have been planted there deliberately to kill, as the witnesses claimed that they could not even see or warn Marco about the wire.



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