Ten Geniuses Who Had a Shockingly Dark Side

Geniuses usually have a more complex mind than the rest of us.. let’s see how!

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While the universe may have seen many brilliant minds who have made exceptional contributions to their fields, most of them have a dark side that people do not know about.

As much as we admire their achievements, it’s essential to recognise that not everything is what it looks like, and there may be a downside to the brilliance these minds have to offer to the world.

In this article, we’ll uncover such geniuses and the darker side of their lives while also appreciating and acknowledging the impacts they have had on human life.

1. Winston Churchill

Winston Churchill| Photo Credits: International Churchill Society

Winston Churchill, one of Britain’s most loved prime minister, was an accomplished leader during World War 2 and played a pivotal role in the victory against the Nazis.

However, during his time, he was accused of having extremely racist political inclinations , which led to the death of millions of innocent lives.

During Britain’s rule over India, Churchill loathed Indians, as he referred to Indians as “monstrous people with a brutal religion.”

Moreover, Churchill had extreme views on the well-respected leader of India, Mahatma Gandhi.

On a particular occasion, he addressed his cabinet that Gandhi should not be released because of his threat of fasting; he even emphasized that if he died, they’d be able to get rid of an enemy of the empire.

2. Ludwig van Beethoven

One of the most prominent classical music composers, second to Mozart and Bach, is the one and only Beethoven himself. Yet, as successful as his career and art were throughout history, the performer had a notoriously difficult personality.

He refused to abide by the social norms and was known to be short-tempered. He would often leave the stage abruptly if he sensed any commotion in the audience.

Furthermore, his moodiness and profound distrust of people kept him isolated. It is claimed that he was usually surrounded by a very particular circle of friends, primarily due to his…



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