History’s Six Most Controversial Moments Caught on Camera

Six pictures with eerie historical Backstories

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Mathew Brady captured dead soldiers of the battle of Antietam on camera. | Photo Credits: Museum Syndicate

MMathew Brady was an American photographer famed for capturing the portrait of Abraham Lincoln that we see on the dollar bill today. In 1862, Brady showcased an exhibition called “The Dead of Antietam” in his New York studio that spread a wave of controversy across America.

There were photographs of brutally injured, disfigured, and dead soldiers lying unconscious on the battleground of Antietam. Brady’s photojournalism on the battle of Antietam was largely scandalized by The New York Times. They wrote that Brady had brought the gruesome reality of the war to the homes of Americans. The photographs were appreciated by a few and criticized by many Americans.

Andy Warhol’s Notorious Mural from 1964 World’s Fair

Andy Warhol’s mural | Photo Credits: Gothamist

In 1964, Andy Warhol, an American artist, painted a mural for the World fair 1964 that featured 13 mugshots of the then-most wanted criminals of America. The mural caught humongous attention.

Warhol took the images of the criminals from NYPD’s booklet and displayed the mural on the New York State Pavilion for nearly two days until unidentified authorities took it down. Many people questioned why the artsy mural was taken down, leaving a gigantic silver rectangle behind. However, Warhol fancied the silver rectangle over his painted mural.

The Famous Photograph of “Windblown Jackie”

Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis | Photo Credits: Pinterest

Ron Galella, an American proto paparazzi, trailed a famous American socialite named Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis on New York’s Upper East Side in October 1971. A car honked at Onassis while Gallela tried to capture the perfect candid shot, giving him an opportunity to click his “Mona Lisa” the way he desired.

Onassis then turned around to notice the car blowing horns at her, displaying a breathtaking…



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