He Married his Daughter and then Killed Their Baby

He gave her up for adoption but ended up getting her pregnant and marrying her. What happened?

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Steven Pladl with his daughter Katie in Richmond, Virginia. Source: News.com

It is stated that “blood is thicker than water, family loyalties are the strongest as compared to any other relationship”. But when the world reveals its cruel stories, the above statement is hard for us to believe in. The case of Steven Pladl blinds our concept of fatherhood. The timeline of the case reveals another shocking news day by day.

Birth of Katie Pladl

In 1995, 20-year-old Steven Pladl met a 15-year-old girl named Alyssa Gracia, through the internet. They started dating each other and after two years, Alyssa got pregnant. The couple gave birth to a beautiful baby girl in January 1998 and named her Denise Pladl. As time went by, their marriage was turning into a wreck. According to Alyssa, Steven would physically abuse his daughter. He was allegedly seen pinching the baby so hard, that it would leave bruises on her defenceless body. She accused him of trapping the baby in a cooler, until all of the oxygen went out, after which he released the young girl.

Giving The Baby for Adoption

With alleged physical abuse, Alyssa suffered a financial burden at the hands of her husband. He did not have a stable job due to which Alyssa had to take care of him, as well as the baby. At last, she had no other choice but to give Denise up for adoption. The young baby girl was 8-months-old at this stage. In an interview, Alyssa told the interviewer,

“It was so hard to give her up, but I wanted her to live and be happy.”

A couple from Dutchess County New York, named Anthony and Kelly Fuso adopted Denise and named her Katie Fuso. Denise who was known as Katie grew up in a loving household. Her parents gave her every necessity and luxury to live a happy life.

In 2007, Alyssa gave birth to another daughter. It was almost 10 years after they gave their first child for adoption. Alyssa thought that they were more mature as a couple to raise children. Steven and Alyssa had two daughters in total excluding Katie.

Return of Katie



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