Has Annabelle Really Escaped?

Annabelle: the doll Possessed by a demon.

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The real Annabelle in the Warren Occult Museum. Source: NESPR

Who doesn’t know Annabelle? One of the main demonic creatures of the famous Conjuring series. Children and adults worldwide have tried to do a makeover like the creepy doll from the show, but only a few know that there is a way creepier story behind the inspired movie character. The real Annabelle is, although lesser evil-looking than what they portrayed in the movie, but surely capable of causing a lot more damage. But, can a demonic entity possess a doll? After knowing the history of this doll, you would have no other option but to believe.

The Reality of Annabelle

Hollywood vs Reality. Source: Vice.com

In demonology, it is well-known that a demon can be anything supernatural. It does not always have a swarthy face or rotten body like they show in the movies. Real demons can possess things that they like. But one might think what a fragile doll might be able to do? Well, a lot more than you can imagine.

It is said that the doll was owned by a girl named Annabelle Higgins, who died at the age of seven in a car accident while she was holding this doll. The famous paranormal expert couple Ed and Lorraine Warren, who has the doll now, have a lot to say about it. Apparently, the girl’s soul left her body and possessed the doll which she held dear to her, and since that day, the spirit of Annabelle Higgins resides in the doll and so is known by her name.

The doll doesn’t make much trouble if you’re dealing with it the right way. As Lorainne said, it only needs love. If you love the doll, it minds its own business, but such things don’t take time to show their true colours.

The Story of Donna and Angie

The real Lorraine Warren with Vera Farmiga and the real Annabelle doll with Patrick Wilson. Source: Popbuzz

The former unfortunate owners of the doll were the two roommate nurses, Donna and Angie, during 1971. On her birthday, the doll was gifted to Donna by her mother, but they had no idea of what was coming their way. The unusual…



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