French Etiquette is Weird

Discovering the quirky and unexpected norms in French culture

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France brings ideas of elegant dining, cutting-edge fashion, and flawless etiquette. It is well-known for its rich and beautiful culture, lengthy history, and honourable traditions. Despite this environment of elegance, some strange habits exist in France that might surprise the most experienced traveller.

These fascinating customs offer an exciting glimpse into the cultural quirks that make France such a distinctive and alluring travel destination. This article examines some of the most peculiar conventions in French etiquette and explores their fascinating origins.

The Art of Kissing: La Bise

La bise, the customary French welcome of kissing both cheeks, may appear simple, but it has a number of odd characteristics that make it one of the most vital regulations in French etiquette. The number of kisses depends on the geography and social setting. Visitors may find it intimidating and fascinating to navigate these differences.

Nevertheless, the reality is that you don’t have to worry about this unless you meet up with friends, family, or are given an introduction to someone they know well. Strangers don’t typically exchange la bise outside intimate situations like weddings, receptions, and business encounters. If you are unsure whether this practice is appropriate, you can wait for the other person to take the initiative.

Some folks might reach out to shake your hand, while others might just come over for a quick kiss. In Paris, this typically consists of a single, brief kiss on each cheek; in other parts of France, there may be three or even four! Men will occasionally exchange des bises or handshakes, depending on the social setting, degree of proximity, and individual preferences.

How to Eat in France?

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French eating and table manners alone are so intricate. Only place your napkin on your lap when you’re ready to start eating. If you’re dining in a private setting or have been invited to eat at a



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