7 Most Stupid Presidents of the United States

Not all Who Wear Crowns are Remembered as Kings.

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Men who once owned the White House of the United States are unforgettable in the history of America. But sadly, not all of them are remembered as heroes. The presidents marked their presence in history by making good and bad decisions.

However, some of their reforms were so senseless that these presidents were included among the top most stupid presidents of the United States. Their brainless decisions led America to face economic disaster and civil wars. The article mentions the seven most stupid presidents in the history of America.

1. Zachary Taylor

Zachary Taylor, the 12th president of America | Photo Credits: Flickr

The 12th U.S. president Zachary Taylor was elected in March 1849 until he died in 1850. He was known as “Old Rough and Ready.” Famous as a war hero, he carried out intelligent military actions.

But some of his styles were criticized by the people. Mainly because of what he said and believed he did not follow.

His antislavery approach was only adopted by other people; meanwhile, he owned 83 slaves at the time. These actions made him look amoral to the people.

In addition to that, he started campaigns against the Seminole and the Chippewa, which was a very biased step from his side.

2. Herbert Hoover

Herbert Hoover, president of the United States from 1929–1933. | Photo Credits: picryl

Herbert Hoover was the president of the United States from 1929–1933. Hoover was ranked among the worst presidents by historians due to his pathetic rule. People made fun of his legacy in plays and skits.

Seven months after his reign began, the stock market crashed, putting America in a severe economic crisis. Many people became jobless and lost their homes, but the insensitive president did not accept aid programs that could help the suffering by providing food and a place to live.



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