5 Dark and Creepy Moments in History, Which We Were Not Told About

The real face of the world is unmasked

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The disturbing and dark side of history | Photo Credits: Buzz Feed

WeWe are taught history as the main subject of interest in schools and colleges. Many believe that history is a subject that helps us explore our true roots. However, what most people don’t know is that the history we read in books is merely a tiny percentage of the actual truth. Whereas the actual, dark reality of our world is masked.

1. The Vipeholm Experiments

The mentally disabled patients of the Vipeholm Mental Hospital | Photo Credits: CNN

Tooth decay was common in the United States in the late 1800s, followed by the 1900s. People mostly had problems of tooth decay and little care for oral hygiene.

This gave a task to the dentists to explore more about the root cause of the problem and to find out how so many people have one linking, common problem.

Budgeted by the Sugar industry of Sweden, the dental industry and government of Sweden set out to explore how a carbohydrate-based diet was affecting the teeth and what mainly played a role in the subsequent teeth problems.

The Experiments began in the mid-1940s, and the subjects were chosen from The Vipeholm Mental Hospital.

The reason was that the patients who were mentally disabled and did not have much access to sweets and candies had comparatively fewer teeth problems than the rest of the country’s people.

The Experiments started as “vitamins trials,” with the full consent and support of the Swedish Government, as vitamins did not have any possible threat to the health.

As the experiment proceeded for two more years, the dental industry decided to subside the vitamins and use sugary candy instead. The planning was not run by the government and was kept a secret.

For many years, the patients were given high doses of sugary products and candies sticking to their teeth. Around 2,125 subjects started having permanent tooth decay, and more than half of the patients had permanently rotten teeth. The truth about the experiment was not exposed until the early 2000s.



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